So Much For Comments

Funny. Most of the advice about using social media discusses how important it is to comment on other people’s blogs with links back to your blog. This is how you rise in the Google rankings, so people find your blog, so you become popular, so more people read your writing. But after my experience with spam comments, I’m not inclined to give my blog address in a comment.

Despite putting in the recommended spam filters, all but one comment over the last month has been spam. Somebody trying to sell something. Often the same something but done with minor variations to get past the spam filters after I mark them as spam. There are programs that key on to a word in a blog and post a comment. Luckily, my comments all are moderated, but today I turned off commenting. I don’t have time or tolerance to deal with the spam.

If someone actually wants to comment, they can email me at I bet if you actually read this blog, you can guess what email would work. (If I list it, there are other programs that go through content looking for email addresses to give to spammers.)

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