Flower Coupon

I bought a coupon for $60 of flowers to use on my birthday. Instead of being disappointed that the coupon deal didn’t result in better-than-average flowers, I should be delighted that my husband does such a fantastic job of bringing me flowers every year.

I read that people who use coupons are less satisfied with the service they get. The flower shop person did not seem very interested in making me happy, just in fulfilling the terms of the deal. But I also may have expected more and so was likely to be disappointed. And I had just spend an hour walking around a gorgeous park with flowers. Still, what I ended up with isn’t something that I would normally have paid $30 for which is what the coupon cost me. If I’d walked into the shop without the $60 coupon, I would have walked out and bought flowers elsewhere.

Then again, the basket of green plants that my husband bought for our anniversary with his coupon to the same place still looks lovely. So maybe I’m just not good at buying my own flowers and should leave it to him. I can live with that.

I’ll leave my birthday flowers up to my husband. I really am lucky.

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