What About My Security

I’m bothered by having to take my computer out of my bag to put it through the scanner at the airport. Especially when I’m them directed to another line, where I have to wait before I’m scanned through. I’m bothered but I can almost understand the logic. But when I’m expected to put my smart phone and my wallet through the scanner that is ten feet away from me, I start to wonder how safe it is. I kept my wallet on me, but was told that I should not do that. Really? There’s no metal in my wallet. Nothing but plastic and cash and ID, none of which I’d like to lose. I don’t get how keeping it in my pocket or holding it in my hand makes the airlines less safe. But sticking it on a tray and having it sit at the other side where other people are picking things up while I wait 3-4 minutes or more to be cleared through the scan–that doesn’t seem secure to me.

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