Still Time

As I prepare to visit my sister in California who has cancer, I know that it could be worse. I could be visiting one of my children, or my husband. Or I might not have gotten this time. Still, this is my older sister. The one who moved the furthest from home and so was the most missed for so many years. And she lives so far away.

We all make choices in life. We have to live with the results, even if it means that it’s difficult to see family when ill. I’m glad I’m going, I just wish this wasn’t the reason.

But there’s still time, and we never know how life will turn out. My dad once told a friend of mine who had cancer to ‘take good care of your husband.’ People thought he must have gotten confused about who had the cancer, but he said, “You never know. He could get hit by a bus tomorrow.” You never do know.

I find myself watching the squirrels, admiring the flowers, looking at nature more intensely than usual. It helps, a little.

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