Cleaning up is giving up on dreams

2016-03-09 18.01.47After thirty years of ‘let’s put that in the attic,’ it was time to clean it up.┬áSorting through the attic stuff has inspired me to clean up other areas, such as my crafts. And gave me a reminder to continue my never-ending struggle to keep my writing in order.

It is time to acknowledge that I’m never going to finish some projects, such as the embroider of an old mill, or if I did finish it, have a place to put it since the closet is already hosting a lovely picture of parrots and bears on balloons and a scenic woodside. I often brought this project on trips ‘in case I wanted to do a craft project.’ I rarely did, so have downsized to a much smaller embroider project that I can bring along and ignore.

But giving up some of these projects is giving up on the dream of working on them, sometimes with my children. It’s hard, and it requires facing that some things we won’t have time for.

It’s hard.

But with writing, I never have to give up. Earlier projects can sit nicely in a folder waiting. They don’t need to be moved if the house is being downsized. I like writing projects.



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