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Before I started this blog site, I read a number of blogs and discussion about blogs and discovered that female bloggers are often trashed. Even ones who blog about knitting. So I decided to moderate all comments.

I’m glad I did.

I’m getting blog comments that are done just to link to another blog. Some of them sound like a real person. But I can’t imagine anyone recommending my blog to their cousin, who then comments, “I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible! Thanks!”
The post was titled ‘conflict’ but it was about conflict for characters, versus conflict with a writing partner. Can’t see how that could be someone’s secret problem.

Makes me glad I’m not advertising the blog much since it makes it easier to tell that these aren’t real comments. I sometimes think that 90% of what is on the internet is being written by automatic programs looking to boost people’s rankings. But that could be just another reason for me not to do marketing. I’m rather creative at avoiding things that I don’t want to do.

Another comment had, “We’re seeking for both blogs and forums giving independent, sensible comments at all of concerns and / or blogs and forums which have an important generous and / or left-wing leaning. Appreciate it.. “
Wonder what word triggered that since I’m not writing about politics.

All of which makes me wonder if my adventure into blogging will last very long. It does help me clarify what I’m thinking and feeling about things, which is good in life, and especially good in a writer. Which may be reason enough to continue.

And, if you’re actually reading the blog, feel free to comment.

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