Print Version Isn’t for Me

I write the type of books I like to read, and for years I was releasing the print version in a twelve-point font because I don’t like trying to read small fonts. A larger font has the drawback of the books requiring more pages, so the minimal price I can set on Amazon is higher. And when my book discussion group chose my book, the fact that it was 400 pages was a negative.

I read (to check and revise) my novels on the Kindle, in whatever size font I want. So there’s no need to release the print version in larger font than most people are used to. Putting French Impression in ten-point font dropped it to 250 pages.

I like to release a print version since some people like it that way, and because I believe it helps me produce a higher quality ebook. But the print version isn’t one that I read. I look it over, making sure there aren’t empty pages, and that the cover looks right, and things like that. But I don’t read it. So I’m going with a smaller font, so I can have a lower price.

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