The end of Editing Month, but not the end of Editing

As February winds to its slow, cold end, I’m glad that Editing Month is almost over. Not because I’m done editing French Immersion. The only time I don’t edit is during NaNoWriMo in November. Even then, it’s usually only the first two weeks where I try not to edit, and I correct stuff I’ve written the day before. It’s the way I write. I try to get the scene down as much as I can, and like to go back and fix things that day or the next day.

What I did differently during Editing Month was I focused on one book. Usually I’m doing a little with one book and a lot with another, bouncing between the two to keep motivated. This month I didn’t have that, and while I missed it a little, it was easier to keep my characters and location clear in my head if I stayed with one novel.

I revised my 85,000 word novel over two times. As in I went through it following my process of going through each scene twice. I did that going through the novel once, then I did it again. I also wrote three new scenes and polished them extra times. I also went through my ‘bad word’ list and removed most of them. I’m still working on tough words like: was, have, had.

During February, I had a chapter of the novel come up on each week, so I also dealt with people’s feedback, making corrections to the chapters, and seeing where the comments applied to the whole book such as when one critiquer expressed confusion about what my main character was working on. I had it as software architecture, but it turns out that doesn’t make sense to non-computer developers, so I changed it to wireless platform. It was a very good change, and one that was hard for me to see since an ‘Architecture Team’ makes sense to me from a work perspective. Another critiquer hadn’t read the first book in the series, so her feedback has been extremely valuable to making this novel a stand-alone book.

My plan is to continue to work on this book, mainly through The first book in the series French Impression is the topic for my book discussion group in April. I’m hoping from that and to get extra ideas for book three in the series which I’ll draft in November. I’m not sure if I’m going to wrap up the series with the third book. I know the overall arc for my main characters, but I’m having a lot of fun writing about two incredible women who don’t get along for a lot of reasons, not just because Miriam accidentally slept with her boss’s husband on her first night in Paris. Although that didn’t help things.

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