Midway through editing month discoveries and reflections

I discovered that I need to add a fairly large scene to French Immersion. Normally, I’d just write it, but I’m in the midst of ‘Editing Path Month’ where I’m trying to get the writing group to focus on editing, not writing.

Guess I’ll sketch out what the scene needs, and finish the pass I’m on. I’ve been doing my best to focus on just one novel, even though someone on Critique Circle has been critiquing another novel, and I’d love to read her comments and revise the book. I’ve skimmed the comments (to answer any questions she has) and made an appointment on my calendar in early March to address the feedback. I also have Sticky Note Empire out to a few beta readers, and got some small corrections. I think I’ll make them this weekend, since then I can send it out to another reader or two, and have it be the most accurate version.

I don’t normally focus on just one book, and I can see the value of doing that. I also don’t normally record my time, and I find it less enjoyable to do that. I can see that it does help keep me focused, though.

Just like for NaNoWriMo, I think one of the benefits of pushing for a month is knowing you can stop pushing once you reach your goal, or the month is over. And there’s a fun Thank Goodness It’s Over (TGIO) dinner at a great restaurant to look forward to. 

Also, during the cold month of February, it’s nice to focus on a book that takes place in Paris in April.

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