Recording Time while Editing

I enjoy editing, but I’m not so sure I enjoy keeping track of the time spent editing. I prefer to just do it as much as I can on a given day.

As part of Editing Month with my writing group, I’ve been keeping explicit track of my editing—doing three or four hours most days. I tried counting down an hour at a time, but it works better to use a stopwatch app on the phone. Although an actual stopwatch might be better so I didn’t keep looking at my phone which interrupts my editing.

I tried using an hour-long playlist. That didn’t work since the playlist wraps around. I didn’t realize it until I got to the end of the chapter, by which point the hour playlist was half over again. I was so absorbed in my chapter, I don’t think I’d have noticed if the music had stopped playing either. The idea isn’t to stop after an hour, just to be accurate in recording my time.

While it’s annoying to track, it is helping me be more focused in my editing. That’s a worthwhile skill to reinforce. It’s easy throughout the year to ‘step aside’ to check Facebook, email, or other things on the computer. Having a stopwatch counting the time stops me from doing that.

I’m looking forward to next month when I don’t have to use the stopwatch and can just edit. But when I’m in the zone, I forget about tracking the time anyway.


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