Editing and Shoveling Snow

I’m leading an Editing Path for my writing group for the month of February, and the weather decided to cooperate. There’s something about editing, shoveling snow, editing, shoveling snow in a cycle that makes for a good start to accomplishing twenty-eight hours of editing.

So far I’ve done two hours of focused editing, and two turns at shoveling. It helps to have a partner who would rather shovel than edit, but is doing both.

It’s also nice that our kick-off was yesterday, before the snow started, so we had the opportunity to talk about what we wanted to accomplish, and share tips in how to gets things done.

Kick Off for Editing

Kick Off for Editing

This last week, I read through the whole novel on the kindle–noting any major changes that I need. I have one boring chapter that needs major work, but the plot flowed fine and I like the ending. Nice to reconfirm that, and to realize what I need to beef up early to make it flow better. Also, I know which characters seem weak and need the most work, and which ones I liked the way they are and shouldn’t mess with too much.

I’m starting on chapter eight–that’s where I left off in the revision about a year ago, although I’ll bounce back and improve the beginning chapters since I’m posting them on critiquecircle.com. I’m also doing some general editing of overused words and then I’ll put the novel back into scrivener and work on chapter length while revising. I may need to move a few scenes around, if I don’t cut enough since some of the chapters are a bit long.

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