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With an entire weekend to do what I wanted, I prearranged a couple of social events. I volunteered to lead a session on Editing at the monthly group meeting of writers in the area (even though no one believes me when I say editing is fun.) And I arranged for a few friends to come over. It was originally a potluck, but to simplify things we brought in Thai food. We talked and played cards.
In between those events, I intended to cycle through a number of things that I wanted to get done. I could have come up with a long todo list, and felt bad if I didn’t get to things. But I wasn’t looking to make myself feel bad, just to ensure that if I was at loose ends, I could do something that I wanted to get done.

  • Organize published writing
  • Organize pictures and backups
  • Edit Overbooked
  • Edit Sticky Note Empire
  • Wash sheets (kids won’t be home for a while, so no rush.)
  • Organize clothes closet
  • Exercise – mainly walk/bike, but maybe ski
  • Sort food – what to use up
  • Contact potential Beta readers for Sticky Note Empire
  • Format Sticky Note Empire and cover (for printing for some beta readers)

Since I find editing fun, and I can combine it with getting some exercise by either walking around the house (it was too cold to walk outside), or biking on the exercise bike, I started with editing Sticky Note Empire. Then I decided to draft a blog post. Then reformat the list of things to cycle through as a table. Now that wasn’t on the list, but it was fun to fiddle with it.

I made progress on long-term projects like organizing pictures and writing, so much that I’m thinking of cycling through the list again this weekend.

2015-01-16 07.59.42

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