Still on Almost-last edit pass

Today I found three things to change in the first chapter of Sticky Note Empire. Two were improvements that the book could have managed without (but are better with the changes) and one was an actual error, and not an error that I added in on the last pass. (I’m great at doing that.) Maybe it’s all right that I’m not quite done with the novel yet. Getting close though. I often read several chapters without finding anything that would sound better if I changed it. Unless, of course, I’m in a picky mood. Then I could find things to change in anyone’s writing.

Getting close to having Overbooked done with the radical cutting of words I tend to overuse. Which is good, because at one point this week, I meant to be editing Overbooked, but I ended up in the Sticky Note Empire file, and cut two uses of ‘too much.’ Now, I need to make sure the sentences before and after my cuts still sound all right. I don’t worry about that with Overbooked, as I’m on an early pass through the book. But with Sticky, I’m almost done, so now is not the time to be deleting words or phrases throughout the book.

And, sometimes, too much is just right.

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