Reflecting on a Train

One of my critiquing buddies pointed out that a train journey is a good time for reflection for my character. (Who was on a train, but not reflecting.) Which made me think about what my main character should be thinking about—how maybe life with the charming Frenchman she met wouldn’t give her the connection this older couple has. I knew they were supposed to teach the main character something, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. 🙂

I added a bit of reflection, and when I reread and revise this chapter, I’ll give it a good look. My process is to make changes during the week I get the critiques, especially of little stuff, or where it’s clear where to add or cut, but to tackle larger issues after all the critiques are in. I usually revise the chapter, then upload the revision. It does mean that I have often changed things that bugged readers in previous chapters, and I don’t make a point out of telling them since most people are busy, so they sometimes tell me something similar in a later chapter. But it works since I reread the whole novel many, many times.

Another critiquer pointed out what a great line I had where the daughter mentions the hole (physical) in the house, alluding to the hole in the family. I hadn’t paused and thought, what a great line, just knew that it fit. Love it when that happens.

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