Ordered Two Copies of Hierarchy

My major writing goal for 2014 is to release two novels. Since Create Space offers two free copies for winning NaNo, I really wanted to do at least one of them in the first half of 2014.

Hierarchy is ready. In this dystopian world, all consumer products have a use-by date and corporations promote rivalry in everything. Celebrities serve as leaders, judges and rulers of taste. The Guardian police force defends the status quo while ignoring lethal corporate competition. The average citizen struggles to replace clothing, appliances, and hundreds of items before they expire. Free time is spent watching celebrities, dreaming of the world of the elite.

Like others in the ruling class, Tori Graff spends her time maneuvering for power, mainly to keep a prominent role in her time slot, but also to build alliances. When the Guardians uncover an assassination plot, her world collides with that of the Guardian protecting her, the average citizen who adores her, and the businessman who makes the adoration possible. In a world where everything is a competition, no one can be trusted.

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