Plan for NaNoWriMo

I was thinking of outlining two novels for NaNoWriMo this year since I wanted to write about Lisbon, which I think may fit into my French series. But I also want to gather material while we’re in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh series. I don’t want to attempt two first drafts in November. I vowed I’d never do that again since I really hurt my body when I did that in 2012.

So I was thinking/planning to work on the outline of the Edinburgh book in July, then take notes on location and other things of interest when we visit Scotland in August, and make any tweaks to the outline, but not worry if it’s not as extensive as I usually do. I thought I’d write the French series book first with the goal of finishing the first draft during November, averaging 3,333 words per day, but front-loading by aiming for 5K for the first week or so.

Once I finish the first book, I’d start on the second book, and have a goal of 1,111 words a day. I’d keep writing into December, and January. That way, I shouldn’t hurt my body with too much writing, and I might be able to help those people in the region who typically don’t finish their first draft in November.

But–I have a half-time job doing technical writing which is going to seriously cut into my time for outlining, and writing. When I realized I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to go to Portugal if my husband got another opportunity, I realized this was silly. I don’t need to outline two novels this year. One is plenty.

Good. I was enjoying revising ‘Sticky Note Empire’ and ‘Overbooked’ and this way I can keep working on them. And keep a wee bit of sanity.

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