Editing in Lisbon

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I’ve thought for years that it would be fun to do writing/editing in a European city. Because I won’t just be a tourist all day—I’ll see some stuff, but I’ll be trying to get writing done, and not think I’m ‘wasting tourist time’ by writing. When the opportunity came up to join Barry on a business trip to Lisbon, I had the opportunity to see if I could really write anywhere.

I can. Especially with editing on my Kindle. I found paths where I can walk and read, so I could do editing while walking. Lisbon has tons of benches, so I often went out for several hours, and edited until I got in the busier areas of town.

I thought I’d take my laptop to a coffee shop, or even the lovely lobby of the Ritz next door. I didn’t feel the need. I’d go out with my Kindle and a notebook and pen, and mainly took pictures of things. I’d write about them later, or did editing with the Kindle. I never felt claustrophobic in the room, was more likely to feel guilty that I wasn’t outside enjoying the sunshine, even when I’d just come back from being out for hours. I love it when editing feels like I’m ‘getting away with something’ by being able to rest and put my feet up and have a lovely cup of tea. People often wonder how I manage to stay motivated while editing, but I find it great fun.

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