French Impression — any thoughts?

I’m working on the final edits for French Impression, and as always, I struggle with the back of the book blurb. I dislike ones that give away too much of the story, or mislead. Any comments, improvements, on the following would be appreciated. (Or on the cover.)
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Working in Paris for a year could help Miriam move on with life. She’s off to an exciting start when she has a romantic night with a charming Frenchman, until she discovers he’s married to her new boss, Estelle.

Estelle finds the recent merger with an American firm upsetting. Her non-French employees report to their former colleagues, and work is less fulfilling. Enduring her husband’s tales about his perfect dead wife was bad enough, now she has an employee, Miriam, who mourns a similar loss.

So much divides these two women. Will they discover what they have in common?

French Impression - Katherine Lato

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