Sad Fiction, Happy Life

Nothing like working on a story where a woman is trying to cope with life after losing her husband to make me appreciate that my husband is upstairs sleeping. Our youngest went to college yesterday so we are officially empty nesters, something we embrace with joy. We love our three children, but our goal all along has been to raise independent adults so it makes sense that they’d be off doing their own thing.

But, back to the story. It’s designed to be a stand-alone short story about how my main character in French Impressions (due to be released in 2014) came to be working and living in France. The beginning is sad as she mourns anew the loss of her husband. I’m glad that the novel I’m outlining for November doesn’t have a widow as the main character. I’m also glad that I write fiction that isn’t based on my life except for the location. My latest novel is using locations from a fabulous trip we took to Europe this summer.

I’d like to revise the story before it comes up on, and better get to it. Once my husband wakes up, we’re spending the day together, so I won’t get much writing done. This is a problem I like in real life.

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