Sharing Versus Bragging

After two weeks of posting ‘trip status updates,’ I fear that my posts sound like bragging, but part of that is the delay in posting. I was vacationing in Europe for three and a half weeks and while gone, didn’t say where I was, and didn’t share any of the hundreds of pictures I took. We were once robbed while we were in Europe, not from information given on Facebook, but still, it tends to make us cautious.

I love reading about other people’s trips and seeing their photos, although not all at once. Who has time to flip through hundreds of photos, or time to write up descriptions about where they are? But if someone shares a few photos a day, and a couple of paragraphs of what they did, or an amusing incident from the trip, well, it makes me feel like I’m sharing the trip with them.

I started doing ‘trip updates’ — one month after the things happened. It seemed like a reasonable solution, and gave me a good reason to browse through the pictures day by day. But this morning, I almost wrote a summary of the rest of the trip in a line or two to avoid feeling like I was bragging. It was only the desire to share several more wonderful moments that stopped me. So, I’m not sure whether I’m sharing or bragging as I continue the trip updates.

Maybe the solution is to not have a house that is vulnerable if left alone. Then again, now I’m just bragging about my house.

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