Complicated Plans

I was doing my best not to worry, but it’s not easy to rely on airlines these days to get people to places on time. We were traveling from Chicago to Rome by way of Helsinki with our youngest daughter. Our middle child was meeting us there, traveling from Philadelphia to Paris then on to Rome. (She’s an adult, even our youngest is an adult.)

We had an overnight stay in Helsinki and since I don’t sleep really deep or long even when not in a timezone that is nine hours different from my usual one, I woke up at 4 and checked email. My daughter was waiting to get on her plane to Paris. We did a couple of emails (we’d already told her that we’d gotten to Finland.) Also checked on my son’s trip back from Arizona, he still wasn’t home, but was on his way.

We had an early flight from Helsinki to Rome, and made it with no trouble although we were surprised how busy the airport was at 7 in the morning. Got to Rome, followed signs for the train, waited in a line to see about using our rail passes on the Leonardo Express — direct train to the Rome Termini. Our passes were valid, but we were in the wrong line. Waited in the right one, got on the next train, smooth ride to the city. Found the apartment we were renting, and after dropping off luggage and meeting our very nice landlord, checked on our middle daughter’s flight–had another email saying she’d arrived in Paris and was waiting to board her next flight. We emailed back that we were at the apartment, and giving details on the train we’d taken. It was several hours before she could possibly be there. Our youngest wanted to explore on her own and agreed to be waiting at the apartment starting at 4:15.

My husband and I headed to the grocery store, looking for lunch. Dropped stuff off afterward, then headed out again. Came back around 4:10, intending to walk on the street our middle child was likely to takie to the apartment. I was talking with my youngest about where she could best see her sister when I look at the street and see her! I shout her name–hardly able to believe that she’s actually there.

Amazingly, it worked out perfectly to meet in Rome.

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