Taking in Input

Recharging your batteries, filling the well, whatever you call it, it is good to take a break and take in input without worrying about how or when it will be used. Three and a half weeks in Europe made for a lot of input.

I did a little writing and editing, more in the beginning even though I was jet-lagged. I was still in the habit of editing, and since I was working on a book that takes place in France, editing while there felt pretty neat. But with spending so much time sight-seeing, and being with my family, and adjusting to the time difference, and eating long slow meals, I mainly took notes of specific details without worrying how or when I’d use them in a novel. I had the vague notion that I’d use them in the series I’m working on that starts with “French Impressions.”

Then something my husband and daughter said triggered an idea. I played with it on the fringes of my attention, thinking about the character and her situation. Because I was on vacation, I wasn’t trying to make a lot of progress with the plot, but I finally had to start taking notes since the character was intruding on my relaxing. I have my novel idea for NaNoWriMo this year. I have a lot of work to do, but there’s plenty of time before November.

Here’s a small sampling of the input that I took in.


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