In my life, I’m usually trying to minimize the conflict. But in my writing, I need to add more.

Someone just gave feedback on the entire novel of ‘The Shortest Route’ and was very polite. She identified a number of typos, and said she had plot feedback as well but since it was a polished work, perhaps I didn’t want that feedback. I said, “Bring it on!” Bottom line, the first one hundred pages need more conflict. I agree. So, it needs two scenes near the beginning, written in such a way as to not mess up the rest of the book. Not an easy task.

Since the first draft of ‘The Shortest Route’ was written by Barry Glicklich, I’m thinking he could draft the two new scenes. We have an agreement. He doesn’t have to edit. But, adding a scene isn’t editing. It’s more first-draft writing. Although he thinks it falls under editing. Oh, good, I found the conflict. Oh, wait, that’s in life, not writing. Bummer.

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