Rainy day, laptop problems

I’m not sure that a rainy day is the right time for laptop issues, but the new computer I bought because my old (a year and a half) computer is heating up something fierce, has Windows 8 on it. While it’s good to take a break from the laptop to stretch, or take a walk outside, I don’t like that I have to do it sometimes when I’m in the middle of working on something. So, I got a new laptop.

I detest Windows 8. After almost a week of slowly getting it to someplace half-way reasonable, a mandatory update last night caused the computer to lock up. Reboot didn’t help. Several reboots (with the battery out and not plugged in) failed to help. This on a machine that hides the reboot. (Although I had installed a windows-7 start button functionality.)

Back to square one. And seriously thinking of dual-boot with Linux. There are versions of Scrivener and Calibre for Linux. But I’m not sure what to do about my iTunes library, and I like music while I’m writing. Still, Windows 8 seriously has me considering switching to Linux.
Cold May Day

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