I posted to a forum on Amazon, trying to follow advice about marketing and see for myself what the forums are like. Rather than jump into the ones designed to promote Kindle editions, I started with one about the back of the book blurb, since I can always use help with those.

Two guys replied, one with detailed suggestions for rewording, the other agreeing with the first guy. Not a major rewrite, but at least one change that I’ll make immediately, others that I’ll think about. I posted a second blurb on a less-polished blurb. (One I hadn’t been over thirty times.) This time they disagreed, and got into a side discussion about an error in one of their books, based on the ‘look inside’ free download for Kindles. One of the reasons people post in the forums is that they can easily link to their Amazon books.

I’m always happy to get rid of errors, but evidently not everyone agrees. Everyone, it appears, is eager to give advice however.

I know I do that myself. Give advice. Sometimes when it’s asked for, often when it’s not.

Is that a bad thing?

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