Character Movements

As I add character descriptions to the huge cast of characters I have in ‘Sticky Note Empire’ — which is about a work team, so there are eight people to describe just with the team, I was looking for little actions that would make each character stand out, to help the reader remember who is who. And I was trying to get rid of the number of times I had someone shake their head, or relax their shoulders. So, I started thinking about how people stretch. Since one of the lesser important characters is a story-teller, with experience in improv, I thought about having him stretch like actors do.

Found a couple of great links about how to warm-up before performing. Now I just need to adapt a couple of those to my character, and hopefully his beats will help him stand out. I think I’ll have one of my main characters do a different type of stretch, since she’s tense anyway, that would be better than her just ‘relaxing her shoulders’ which sounds lame to me.

Speaking of stretching, it might be a good idea to do one now.

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