What Makes a Good Book Description

I just made my first post on the Amazon Kindle forums–it was one for help in improving book descriptions. Now, I hate book descriptions. Most of them tell too much about the novel, often by covering stuff that doesn’t happen until half way into the book, spoiling things that shouldn’t be spoiled. Since I hate reading them, it’s very difficult to write them.

I recently read someone’s first chapter on critiquecircle.com and it didn’t make sense. Then I went back and read the book description in the author notes and the first chapter made more sense. But, shouldn’t that information be in the book itself? That’s what I think.

The reason for making the post is that I really need to do something about marketing, and the Amazon forums are one way. So is a Facebook author page. I picked up a book at the library on how to do that. The biggest problem I have is that any information is advertising and I don’t like being advertised too. But I do like finding good books to read.

So, here’s my current book description for ‘The Shortest Route.’

Building connections makes life meaningful, whether working a job in a corporation, or delivering groceries in Milwaukee.

Thirty-three-year-old Marty turns each stop on his route into a community event: a Sunday afternoon poker game, a Thursday coffee klatch, and weekly chats with a lonely old man. His ambitious boss thinks Marty lacks proper motivation. His accountant father and engineer brother treat his job choice as a joke, but Marty is playing a different game. When a recently divorced customer sets her sights on him, Marty loses confidence in his ability to make the right connections. Even his girlfriend begins to question if he is living up to his potential.

Can Marty find a route to success on his own terms?

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