Another Rainy Day

It’s been raining a lot in Illinois this April, but at least the grass is green. And it’s good weather for staying inside and working on editing. I have “The Shortest Route” almost ready to go. Barry is reading it, looking for typos before I print a copy to see if the cover looks right. I finally got a pdf cover that doesn’t have an error message. Turns out I need to delete the base layer–the one that shows the location of ISBN and where the spine is, not just hide it. It makes Barry nervous to delete the base layer–he likened it to removing the base directory on a computer. I assured him it’s not the same thing. Sure hope not, poof, the whole cover disconnects from anything else. That wouldn’t be good.

I’m also working on “Sticky Note Empire.” The year without working in an office has decreased a little my need to rant about certain aspects of software development. Probably not enough, however. I’m trying to cut anything that doesn’t advance the story, which wasn’t just the work stuff. There were a couple of nice scenes with local color, like the Fox Valley Music festival that took way too much time to show stuff. There are times when telling is appropriate. Especially when my novel was 130,000 words. It’s now down to 115,000. I’m hoping to cut another 15K or more if I can. And if that requires summarizing some stuff that I showed very well, so be it. There are times when it’s better not to show the details.

Rather like how no one really wants the details of another cold, wet day. But at least the grass is green.

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