Some of Why I Love Editing

As I was trying to improve a minor scene that was dragging down a chapter, I realized that if I deleted it entirely, the chapter would be better, and I could write the minor character out of the book. Zap. The guy, who I was thoroughly tired of since he didn’t do much, was gone. One of the many things I love about editing is how it can make me think about the role minor characters have in my life. If I encounter someone annoying, it is up to me, often, to determine how much that affects my day. And it is possible to basically write them out of the story I tell, either myself or others.

One way or another, we’re all editing our life stories by what we choose to think about, what we tell others, and what we remember. Is it time to get rid of an annoying character?

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Writer, thinker, observer and participant in life.
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