Back of the Book Blurbs

I struggle to write the back of the book blurb, largely because I don’t like reading them myself. I find they often give away too much about the novel, spoiling some of the better moments of a novel. I decide what to read by opening the book and reading a few lines (or lately, downloading a sample to my Kindle.)

After struggling with the blurb for Making Family, I came up with a meta-blub.

Imagine a world in which readers determine what novel to read based on a two paragraph summary of the entire novel. Readers are enticed to read the novel without giving away too much information or fooled into expecting a different type of story than what is presented.

All of this can be avoided by opening the novel, or downloading a free sample. This author encourages you to do this now.

Barry and I found it amusing. If only I could use it and avoid struggling with a blurb ever again. Of course, there’s still the description on Amazon. Sigh.

Here’s what I actually came up with after dozens of revisions, advice (contradictory, but both with good points) from Ivan and Kirsten.

Making Family
Reeling from the unexpected death of her beloved husband, Ruth loses the opportunity to adopt her foster daughter. With her children grown, she faces middle-age with only an orange cat named Snowball to share her daily life.

A phone call from a busy social worker changes everything. Eight-year-old Kata is sweet, but doesn’t speak a single word. Her teenage sister could help, but she wants nothing to do with the foster system.

While the adorable eight-year-old could find a home in Ruth’s heart, she isn’t ready for a teenager.

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