Making My Own Book Cover

After fighting with the options available for the covers, I knew it was time to figure out how to do one myself and upload the pdf file. I tried using Inkspace, even bought a book on Vector Graphing with Inkspace but I just don’t care about the trivial details enough. I was talking about it as I drove my daughter to school and she suggested Gimp.

So, I downloaded it, fiddled a bit, found some YouTube videos on how to do stuff, tried more, and finally got a cover. Along the way, I learned a few valuable tips.

GIMP Cover design, a few things I’ve learned:

1) Download the template from CreateSpace

2) Open the template, open the picture (if you’re using one for the cover) and play.

3) Add everything in layers (Add Layer) —
happens automatically for text, but add lots of layers.

4) Have to click on ‘Move’ tool a lot.

5) Turn off guide (at the end) – by clicking on the eyeball on the base layer–
the one that had the pink boxes and the where stuff is layout.

6) For any question, you can probably find a how to guide on YouTube.

7) Flatten the layers (merge layer in the layer tool) all the way before exporting it to pdf.

I’m very tempted to write a ‘how-to’ guide like I used to do at work, but first I have to finish the edits for Making Family and get my copies to my beta readers.

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