After weeks of knowing that I should ‘do something’ with my website and blog, I revamped it last night. It’s not perfect, but I think it looks a bit more professional, and more engaging. Also, the novels I plan to publish this year will fit on the page more easily.

It’s difficult at times to figure out where to put my non-writing time. I can spend a lot of time tweaking things, or trying to make it marginally easier for people to buy my books, but duplicating information that can easily be found elsewhere is probably silly. I had given a summary of each novel, and included prices, but that information can be found at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

I’m still working on getting more reviews of my novels. Marketing advice says that it’s important to have reviews, so I’ve been trying to get beta readers to give feedback. I’m also thinking about offering the Kindle version of at least one of my books for free for a while. Not sure which one or when, or how to best market it. I probably should have a Facebook page and other marketing stuff in place first.

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