Sometimes Revising a Novel is Like Looking at Old Photographs

I started revising a novel that I haven’t looked at in almost two years and picking it up has been like looking at photographs. I can recall so many conversations about the characters and the situation that I had with my son who was twenty-one at the time. He helped shaped the world, and the characters. It feels almost like we’re having one of those conversations again by tweaking with the words.

The novel is ‘Hierarchy’ and is about a world where everything has a sell-by date and the power structure is enforced by Guardians for the whims of the Elevated–basically celebrities in Entertainment and Sports. Since neither of us were/are sports fans, we left that aspect as fillers for the weekends and mainly showed the characters during the week. We’re not big celebrity fans, but it’s easier to poke fun at an actress being a judge than a basketball player.

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