Woke up Saturday morning to enough snow so that the driveway needed shoveling. Had to go into the basement for shovels since we hadn’t used them in almost a year. Very unusual for the Chicago area. I remember last winter announcing that I was tired of snow. I used to like it since I like to cross-country ski and can do that nearby–and even to a limited extent in the backyard. Many years I would track how many days in a row I was able to ski–have made it as high as thirty, but that requires skiing in less than optimal conditions.

But I was tired of dealing with snow, and talking about maybe someday moving somewhere that snow wasn’t likely. But moving is probably a few years away. After months without any measurable amount of snow, I’m a bit more tolerant. Snow in February is nice, actually since it’s going to melt. We’re not quite to the point of running it over on the driveway — that waits until March — but we aren’t planning for the possibility of the snow sticking around for months.

And maybe I can get a few days of cross-country skiing in.

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