Ready to go home

My week in Maryland is almost over and I’m very much looking forward to being home. I like spending time with my husband. I’m home alone during the day in Illinois usually but it’s different when it’s my home, not to mention that I have a car back there. I borrowed my daughter’s car on Wednesday, and could have borrowed it other days, but I didn’t really need to. Not having a car this week made me think about how many decades it’s been since I haven’t had regular access to a car. We’ve been a two, or more, car family for a long time. One of those luxuries that make life easier.

On Wednesday I met a friend west of Philly. Made me aware of how much I dislike driving on roads where traffic is constantly merging. Not fun. But my normal life is structured such that I don’t need to drive on expressways daily. I like that.

I like my normal life. I knew that before I took this trip, but I know it on another level after a week away.

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