Working in a different space

I drove back to Maryland with my daughter– to help with the driving, and to spend some time with her. She’s at work all day and I have lots of time to write. Feels weird not to have a car. I can borrow hers, but it has to be arranged the night before since I’d need to drive her to work and pick her up. Had no desire to do that this morning since we’d just driven almost 800 miles to get here. Still, it feels very weird not to have a car.

I’m used to focusing on my writing most of the day, and hope to get a lot done here. Five chapters of my second draft of ‘Yes, Or?’ is the goal. Plus some edits on Making Family, critiques of other people’s material on critique circle and maybe, just maybe, get back to that novel idea I had in early December. But I also don’t want to spend too much time sitting and typing. Body is still recovering from the excess of November.

Weather is great so I plan on taking a long walk this afternoon. And cooking dinner for my daughter. I’m also playing Word Feud with my husband, something he does all the time, but my games time out because I forget to play. Was fun to see if he answered my email this morning, or the word game. He did the email, then the word game a minute later.

The apartment has good natural light, and is spacious enough that I can write in different places, which is good. I like variety, and so does my body. Too much sitting in one place isn’t good, even if I can have the most comfortable chair all day since my daughter is at work.

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