Making Progress

I’m one fifth of the way through the second draft of ‘Yes, Or?’ and have a chapter up on critique circle this week. I’m glad that I used Scrivener to write the first draft and it seems to be working all right for the second–I can do global replace which is what I like to do when I discover the fifth use of Still to start a sentence in one scene. At that point, I go through and get rid of all uses throughout the document, then have to put back a few. Quicker than deleting each individual one, and improves the quality of the writing overall.

I’m willing to have incomplete sentences in the second draft. Not the first. Not the third. But in the second draft that is better than overusing the same word, or phrase.

I was finding it a little difficult to cut entire paragraphs until I started a scene called ‘HERE – new cuts.’ After moving a few paragraphs over, I found it much, much easier to delete them from where they didn’t belong. It also helps to have a place to stash them while I’m working the scene since sometimes it’s the order that is wrong, not the words.

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