Return to Normal

Today life gets back to ‘more normal’ with the departure of my youngest for school. Normal is difficult to define, made more so by my no longer having a job in telecommunications. The adjustment was more difficult than I expected, and continues. After years of hanging on by my fingernails, I’d expected to feel relieved to be done, not to mention the increasingly ridiculous teleconferences. But I miss being employed, and not just for the money. I miss being able to state what I did when being introduced to people. I’d expected to be proud to state that I’m a writer, but I preferred when I could say I wrote fiction in addition to creating web-based classes on cellular technology. I liked it when the people who asked about my fiction writing were curious, not just polite.

I need to get better at marketing. When I was employed, I told myself that I’d worry about marketing ‘when I didn’t have a day job.’ Well, it’s time to worry about that. Luckily, most of writing is stuff that I really enjoy, like getting the idea down, then refining it, and refining and refining. I also love reading books on writing (and even marketing), and giving and receiving feedback on writing. And I have a solid plan for what I’m producing. I released ‘Yes, But–‘ and ‘Sparks’ in 2012, and already had ‘Yes, And…’ self-published. My goal for 2013 is to release ‘Making Family’ and ‘French Impressions’ and possibly ‘Shortest Route.’ And to make progress on several other books including the new

I have a buddy who is starting to review ‘French Impressions’, and since she zipped through ‘Too Close for Comfort’ in a few weeks, I’m using her interest as a push for me to go through the novel before I post each chapter. Then, I revise it with her comments. It’s fun to recall the characters and situations for this novel. Also good to realize that all the chapters were already posted and reviewed on Critique Circle. Rather than attempt to reuse those old chapters, though, I plan on posting it all again in a private queue.

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