Nearing the Finish Line for NaNoWriMo

I have three goals at the moment:
1) Finish the first draft of my second novel during November.
2) Not write more than 201K words unless more are needed to meet the first goal (regardless of any side competition that might be going on.)
3) Never try to write this many words during November again.

The second and third goals are the tough ones. I can be competitive, and NaNoWriMo brings that to the forefront since the reward is a lot of writing that I can use the rest of the year. But I spent a crazy amount of time writing this November, and with two more novels to edit, it makes me not want to ‘waste’ time writing the rest of the year. I’m not sure if my writing would be better or worse if I wrote slower. On the one hand, I would be able to correct bad sentences right after writing them, which I don’t do much during November. Then again, I’m able to be almost exclusively caught up in the world I’m writing about, which is pretty cool. That wouldn’t be possible if I was only writing a story for an hour or two a day, then doing editing and other writing related things.

But I’m looking forward to slowing down. I’m going to try writing morning pages long hand. I’m getting back on Critique Circle.

I had time to exercise, cook, even did a little socializing including a marvelous time with Barry and the kids in Ohio. But focusing on writing 6667 words a day (on average) didn’t give me time for other writing activities. And I missed that. Plus, with my 10K start the first week, I just spent too many hours in a chair with a laptop in front of me.

So, I really mean goal number 3. But I’ve been told I’ve said that before.

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