Writing to a Little Less Excess

I think I figured out how to do NaNoWriMo a bit more sanely. I do like to write more in the beginning of the month than the end, although I tend to write for the entire month. So, I’m going for a week of 10 thousand words average, then a week of averaging 8 thousand, then 6, then 4. That makes 190,000. And leaves me two days at the end to finish up (and get to 200,000 if I need to.)

Next year I’m going for 154,000. Seven thousand the first week, 6 the second, 5 the third and 4 the fourth. It would be so much more sane to have an occasional 10,000 word day as a stretch goal instead of trying to average 10,000 a day for a week. I’d like to not try and write more than 10,000 words in a single day since I find it physically difficult.

It won’t finish two first drafts next year, but since I already have an idea of working on a series, it shouldn’t matter. But, I’d better get back to my writing for this year since I hope to finish the first book this weekend so I can write the second one for the rest of the month. But, I hope my 10,000 word days are mostly done. They’re harder than I thought they’d be to do day after day.

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