Another Day, Another Caribou

After having a hilarious time Sunday evening at a write-in that was at a Caribou that happened to be hosting a poetry slam (no notice, first indication was when they put a big receiver on a table near the back that several people had eyes with interest), tonight I’m back at ‘my’ Caribou. The one with lots of outlets and a variety of chairs. Unfortunately, it often has people who hang out for hours, but when I requested to change my small table for one that seated four that one person was at, it turned out that she was here for my write-in. So we kept them both.

After something like 50 hours of writing, I reached 50,128 words. In four and a half days. I took a 6 hour break, but it’s time to plunge back in to to finish the story. (And then start the second one.)

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