Reasonable Pace?

I think writing 10,000 words a day isn’t sustainable, and more than 10K a day is insane. I’ve done it for three days, and had hoped to continue for a week, but I may be making my vertigo act up. I do take frequent breaks, and have gotten exercise and am eating healthy foods, but I want to relax for an hour during the day, take a walk with my family and not talk about writing. I want to read something just for fun. I don’t know that my books are going to be 100K each. If one, or both, were only 80K, then I wouldn’t have to worry about not getting done by the end of the month, even with lower word count.

Then again, I have noticed that when I’m going full steam, I write stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t. I think of further complications for my characters, and I am making progress. I don’t write just to get word count. I write to get words down that capture my story. But it might be time to drop back to something more realistic like 5K a day, which is still 3x the amount needed to win NaNoWriMo.

But I don’t consider it winning unless I meet my goals, which is the first draft of two new books. I may have achieved that ‘beginning bump’ that fits my style of work so well. I prefer to work extra hard at the beginning of a project so I don’t have to push at the end. So maybe I can stop pushing quite so hard today?

I think I’ll try for 7K today.

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