Difficult to Keep Posting

It is rather hard to come up with something after posting poems about my sister. Seems like whatever comes next should be extra-profound, but that’s difficult. So, I’ll just post what’s going on.

There’s a huge storm on the East Coast and my daughter lives in northeastern Maryland. She phoned me this morning, early, for advice about going into work. I love that she respects my opinion. We both thought that going in for a few hours and then evaluating made sense. She did that and was back in her apartment before the winds picked up. She didn’t get a lot done, but was glad she’d gone in.

It’s sunny in the midwest and I took a nice walk outside, and have been baking. Wish I could share it with her, but she should be fine.

I’m trying not to do any editing of my writing this week, and my outlines for what I’m writing starting November 1 seem ‘good enough.’ Which means I can still add stuff, and will appreciate everything that I get done ahead of time for plot and character, but I’m really just chomping at the bit to start writing. My goal is the first draft of two novels, which is a challenge. To help with this, I shouldn’t do editing as that puts me in the frame of mind to be critical about my writing which isn’t what I need for the next month. We (people who do NaNoWriMo) talk about ‘getting rid of our internal editors.’ Mine gets pretty quiet in November and the main way that happens is by focusing on word count.

Depending on how long my first drafts go, I’m aiming for 160,000 to 200,000 words in November, which is 6667 a day. Since I like to get things done early, that really means a bunch of 10K days. It’s not going to be easy. Especially if either of the books takes more than 100,000 words for the first draft. I’ll see.

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