We Used To

We used to
talk while doing barn chores
about tests, school plays, and prom.
We talked as equals;
I was six years younger.

We used to
write long letters to each other,
then long emails.
We found written words

We used to
be pregnant at the same time.
The last trimester with my middle child
overlapped the first three months
of her only child.

We used to
be complete opposites
about choices, money, politics.
But we agreed
Dad was an honest politician.

We used to
be the two daughters
who had moved the furthest from home,
but made the most effort
to see Mom.

We used to
share tastes and quirks,
synchronized despite the distance,
connected by blood, words, and life
as sisters.

About Katherine Lato

Writer, thinker, observer and participant in life.
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