Who Do I Cheer

There’s been a chipmunk around my house for ages, and I find him very cute. So cute that I pick up acorns from oak trees and bring them home to toss onto my deck and watch him try to beat the squirrels to them. Well, today there are two chipmunks and one of them keeps trying to stop the other one from getting an acorn. Problem is, which one do I cheer? I don’t like to reward the one who won’t share, but I can’t tell which is which. Maybe I should stop picking up acorns? Or maybe I should pick up more?

I scolded them for not sharing nicely, and they tolerated each other on the deck much better. It could be a coincidence, I suppose.

They accept my presence as long as I stay in my chair. Sure hope they don’t try to jump in my lap looking for the acorns. Last year the squirrels kept looking at the house trying to find the oak tree that must be inside.

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