Not on Automatic

I’m not sure why, but microwaves that can go above the stove cost almost ten times the price of one that sits on the counter. Our microwave above the stove went out. It’s gotten heavy use in the last sixteen years and was starting to wear out, so we weren’t surprised. My husband did research, and bought two new fuses. As soon as he hit the power button, it blew the fuse again. More research indicated that the next part was $25. We decided not to invest more time and energy into it since even if we got it working, we doubted it would last much longer.

Installing a new one in the same place is complicated, so we’d probably end paying someone to do that. So the total cost was likely to get in the thousand dollar range. He took the old one down, filled in the small holes in the wall and we’re going to paint and put up a picture. And a light. And buy a new counter-top microwave. I’m already thinking that a picture will be more interesting to look at while cooking than the bottom of the microwave. And a microwave on the counter will be easier to use since the one above the stove was always a little too high to be comfortable. We have plenty of counter space.

I admire that he thought of taking it out instead of just replacing it automatically.

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