Bit Too Tame

The forest preserves I walk in have acorns lying in the road, clearly not needed by the wildlife that lives nearby. Also not going to grow into oak trees since they’re lying on the gravel. So I’ve been picking them up, and taking them home, and tossing them onto the deck. It’s amusing to watch the chipmunks gather them into their cheek pouches and scamper off.

But they’re getting used to my being a source of food. So much that they stare at me if I dare sit outside without a bowl of acorns. And today one jumped onto my chaise lounge. I yelped, and he did a backflip. But, an hour later, he, or the other one, I admit that I can’t tell them apart, tried to crawl into my pocket.

They may be getting a bit too tame.

Last year the squirrels kept studying the house as if trying to figure out where the oak tree was. The chipmunks seem to think I’m an oak tree or something.

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